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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Megademo Advertising Intro (Intro) by Ghostbusters ->

QS A500 1.3 (most common) ... It seems like the music playing too fast!
A500 confirmed. (Yes, it does sound too fast)

Aprilfool (Intro) by Dual Crew Shining ->

QS A500 1.3 (ECS 1MB) ... some strange dash shows after some time! (see on attached pic)
A500 confirmed.

p.s. Also, after saving a pic. (F12, Output/Save screenshot, OK ) the music continue to play but the screen is still frozen !!! (winuae_2900b23_2014-11-03.exe)
Hmm, it does not happen every time (but I was able to repeat it one more time), so perhaps it does not matter.
Did you hit Scroll lock key? Depending on keyboard config, it is used to pause screen updating.
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