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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
sorry, I'm afraid to repeat one again as not sure about proper config. ... last one totally crashed my pc that only way out was to reset.
Don't mention OS crashes here because my answer is something you don't want to hear.. (and you probably already know it )

Yeah, that is really nice ... but what about those less popular ... if somewhere will exist note about how to properly configure those with lot of variables, hmm, that would be also nice.
Problem is that there is NO "proper" config for most expanded configurations. There can be dozens of different configs and all exists in real world and all are 100% valid. Even A500 has many configs without actually having any real expansions. Others can have 10x more possible configs and there is no best or most common.

At least A1200 configs are the "easy" ones because you can only have 1 expansion and A1200 mainboard does not have memory expansion support.

(and I'd prefer not to add A2000 to quickstart just to support A2620/A2630 config + all A500 configs duplicated!)
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