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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
This reminds me of the issue I had with Batman a while back.

It turned out to be an issue with the drive, a Citizen OSDC-45C in my case.
Thanks! It should be the drive then, especially since Mr. Nutz used a copy protection.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Most games of the time killed the OS, so the rom version is not important. The OLD/ECS chips are different. Also the power leds changes from red to green, so it's easier to spot an original first batch A500 (1.2 machines).
My A500 was an older one with green power LED.

<edit> But I can confirm that the cracked version of Mr. Nutz I have handy is running in an emulator with both KS 1.2 and the OCS Agnus (I don't have any IPF-enabled emulator yet), so it may confirm that the original not running on my A500 was its floppy drive's fault.

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