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I thought I'd just ad this info.

My Gotek(s) where acting up... Filenames were messed up, the boot menu froze at beginning, while assigning disks, on exit etc. and the Gotek it self froze or wouldn't load anything. I was beginning to think the drives, or I, was cursed..

I read through this entire thread, and on Herves blog, looking for someone with the same problem... Combining a few possible solutions from the later, I finally got everything working!

Since these were not mentioned here, I'll just put the info here, if others are having the same problem.

1. Not every release works! Examples. "FLT" version of Cannon Fodder (1) and B.C.Kid. Test another version! I found that "DC" version of B.C.Kid works, and "CSL" version of CF1 works.

2. The TOSEC names are waaaaay to long. Rename the file "Game name" + "Disk numbers", cut everything else!

3. If one version is BAD (point 1.), the selector gets corrupted, the drive freezes etc. Test ONE game at a time.

4. If you have assigned a game to #1, you can't overwrite it. You need to format the drive, get a clean selector.adf

Hope this will help others
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