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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
Is your Xbox running the Unleashx dashboard?
Plug an ethernet cable into the back and connect it to your router.
After a few seconds you should see your Xbox's IP address.

On your PC download Filezilla (ftp software) and connect to the xbox. Type in IP address, password and user name should be xbox. Type 21 in port.
I had to reduce number of simultaneous connections as I was getting errors (I reduced it to 2).

Then just find a spare 60gb on your PC's HD and copy off the Xbox's E: drive to your PC.

I swapped from standard 8gb to 80gb then copied over Coinops 6 full. It took at least an hour.
Ok but what about the C: drive? (the retail drive has multiple partitions: C, E, etc.)
I mean: you have to make more than 1 partition in the new drive (how?) ...
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