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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
It depends, its only a mistake if you don't actively swap team members around. I've seen people do that when they're in a hairy fight and get themselves cornered to survive just a little bit longer.
Yeah, I've done that too, once or twice. Especially useful because wizards can cast shield. The armor points were wasted, though. The idea was to get rid of the light armor penalty. But some reduced evasion doesn't matter much, and the best gear for rogues and wizards isn't classed as light or heavy, and has no penalties. Next play through these points are going into something useful.

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
don't ignore the poison bolt of earth magic
Everyone says earth magic is weak, guess I'll need to do some reading.

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I imagine there are now also some spells which require three schools.
Haven't seen them. The most powerful offensive spell requires two.
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