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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
[/code]Putting points in armor for the rogue and wizard may have been a mistake. Dual classing the wizard certainly wasn't a mistake. There are several books that give a character an extra skill point, so it's certainly viable to do this, especially since you don't need to max all magic (not even remotely).
It depends, its only a mistake if you don't actively swap team members around. I've seen people do that when they're in a hairy fight and get themselves cornered to survive just a little bit longer.

Fire+Air magic is really powerful in this game, but don't ignore the poison bolt of earth magic - I'm doing some really nasty repeating damage with it especially to groups of enemies and so far only undead are unaffected by it - and it just so happens there are far less undead in this game so Its a lot more effective than it was in Grimrock 1. And its just satisfying to have both a fireball and a poison bolt prepared and then firing them one after the other, followed by a critical shot from a gun

I haven't seen what water magic does yet in the game, I wonder what that is like in Grimrock 2. I imagine there are now also some spells which require three schools. I guess I'm at the point where I can dig up a spell list without spoiling anything.
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