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I've got about past half the game, got really bored and started to cheat, adding a dozen strength to each character, mostly to carry the stuff around, not caring to have stashes around, as the walking all over he place is already much.
I've given also 5 skill points ti my lizard farmer, as he still carried 5 honestly earned skill points, and I did not wanted them wasted on the firearms if they were not fun to play.

Not strangely, it's not like the party is overpowered, I still have to dance around monsters and run away sometimes.

This is the single thing that I don't like about these kind of games: the gameplay being slave to the building of the characters / the conent dictating what a successful character may be. I believe it's the mechanism that takes away the role from roleplaying. but anyway.

It's a pity because the visuals are nice, the cemetery in particular, it feels the most original so far.
And again, the clever puzzles just keep coming.
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