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Human knight lv14      Human knight lv14
5 heavy weapons        5 heavy weapons
5 armor                5 armor
5 accuracy             5 accuracy
1 critical             1 critical

Lizardman rogue lv14   Insectoid wizard lv14
5 missile weapons      5 alchemy
3 accuracy             3 concentration
5 critical             2 armor
2 armor                5 fire magic
                       3 air magic
Putting points in armor for the rogue and wizard may have been a mistake. Dual classing the wizard certainly wasn't a mistake. There are several books that give a character an extra skill point, so it's certainly viable to do this, especially since you don't need to max all magic (not even remotely).

And, yes, some of the puzzles are a little tough, but all the puzzles I've seen, including the ones related to secrets and treasures are logical. They did a great job with that. Nothing sucks more than illogical puzzles that require randomly trying things to solve.

For my next play through I'm going all human with the fast learner and skilled traits, and grind a bit. They should be able to get to level 16 that way without much trouble. This also removes the need for the exp boosting jewelry.

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