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They have had great support from Amiga developers and artists but there are a couple of people, they are having problems tracking down can anyone on here help them out?

Currently there are a few key Amiga related people that are yet to agree to feature in the book. I think these people are so key that if they weren't involved, it would be to the detriment of the overall Commpendium. Hence why I'm doing this update.
I'm sending this in a private update to see if anyone can help to reach these people? If enough people ask them, they will realise how important it is that they contribute!! It's us fans that brought their games so we should have a voice.
Roger Dean: I really want to feature his artwork. It's so iconic. I've had contact but not had a 'yes' yet. Not had a no either but does anyone know Roger or know someone who does?
Geoff Crammond - same as above! I'm not sure Geoff even knows about the campaign. I've tried lots of avenues with no luck so far.
Sid Meier - no luck here. Would love Sid to be involved.
Let's do this!

Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
Another quick question (haven't pledged yet): if I grab the Amiga/C64 option, will the C64 book be shipped immediately? Was kind of hoping to get it this week over here.
It says on that option on Kickstarter that it's shipped in Novemeber 14. with the Amiga one being shipped in March.

If you buy the C64 with the Amiga one you'll get all the post cards but you have to pay extra if you want them and buy it from Funstock

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