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Messing around with WinUAE under wine on OS X. I had little luck getting FS-UAE to do the right thing. With Wine/WinUAE I am able to see the OS 4.1 Classic boot screen before it goes black. I can see the FPS indicator moving, but nothing seems to happen after this. There is no CD or floppy access. How long, roughly, did folks end up waiting in this phase?

I tried setting the CD-Rom as both IDE as well as SCSI (A4091) and both get me to the same place but neither seems to do much after the PPC takes over. Any suggestions? I'm using WinUAE 29b23 and CyberstormPPC_44.71.rom. I'm also using Picasso_Iv_Flash.rom which is the latest version supported by the folks who made the PIV.
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