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Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
Wouldn't be sufficient anyway.

Code on 68K has to be re-written too. A fast processor is quite speedy to emulate 040 at 500 MHz. Until Jit makes use of multi-threading, there isn't a big perfomance boost in multi-threaded uae. Yet, not enough to pay off the work you put in.
You are correct that it won't increase max raw speed (where CPU only does calculations and accesses only fast RAM) but it would keep CPU speed fast even when other parts of emulation need more CPU time. Also it would allow JIT to run longer blocks without causing syncronization problems. (Now JIT and other parts of emulation need to alternate, possibly 1000s of times / second)

Could be fun experiment some day (when not caring about UAE expansion incompatibility)...

There won't be single core CPU emulators that would take advantage of multiple cores anyway. (At least I can't see how it would be possible, every instruction depends on previous instruction = can't be parallelized)
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