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Originally Posted by alewis View Post
Old timer? Cheeky git!

First computer was an ICL 2903 Mini Mac, and if you youngsters think cassette loading was slow, try punched tape and a 110baud acoustic coupler. First home computer was a PET. First I owned was a Video Genie around 1981, a C64 in 1984. Saw the A1000 review in PCW magazine (still have the mag) and was blown away.

Bought an A500 in late 1987, traded it in for a B2000 in 1989, adding boards galore until I got an A4000 in 1996. Ended up with two A4Ks, two A1200s, all expanded. Sold the B2000 around 2005, and the others in 2007.

Old timer my backside, why I remember whence had to ask the operator for an outside line, and used rotary telephone and .. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You da man! I don't go that far I was 12 when I got my a500
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