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Originally Posted by h0ffman View Post
That's the principal I was thinking of. I'm pretty sure it's just char map sprites on the msx, hence the chunky 8 pixel "scrolling"

This is something I'd really love to do but just dont know enough about z80 or the hardware to get started.
Translation of instructions has only ever worked - for copycat CPUs with a superset of the original CPU instruction set - in a very limited and standardized zero-hardware environment (character I/O in standardized "pipes").

If you did this and emulated the hardware, the chunky scrolling would be kept and the 68000 would struggle. A 68000 @ 7MHz is - twice as fast as a Z80 at 3.5 MHz...

If I had to play the exact same game on a non-MSX machine, I'd do it in an emulator.

Just seems a bit pointless if the port doesn't improve at least the scrolling and sprite flicker. And then you can't use most of the in-game code, and the rest of the code is usually trivial, much quicker to write some intro screen+music code than struggle with Z80 translation mending for that.

The best approach is to do it like porters did in the 80s: grab the gfx and either nick the code for the game logic or playtest it out, then write the game in a sleepless frenzy for 3 months. No, I'm not volunteering for the job
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