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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is better. Much better than "it is too slow, do not even attempt"

Someone reads your original reply and repeats it in other forums as absolute truth: Final result is that no one really tests it and perhaps even find out whats wrong. (If there is something wrong).

I don't care if it is even about WinUAE, it is just technically bad way to reply to these kinds of questions, especially because emulator running slowly can be caused by dozens of different reasons and only one of them is raw CPU speed.
Sorry Toni, that was not my intention. I just ment Using WinUAE in non PPC mode would be better. As it doesn't have to worry about emulating a PPC.

I will do some tests later.

EDIT:- Just been doing some playing around. It runs not to bad on my system (AMD Athlon II x4 2.8GHz), Emulated CPU usage is around 130 to 170 and FPS stays around 30 to 40.
Could proberly get it to run better by tweaking the E-UAE configs. Will play with it some more later.
Will also try my tweaked version of E-UAE for OS4.1 I compiled in the past.

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