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Well I will be honest! My 16bit entry was born from the fact stuff was so readily available. I was given an Atari STE one christmas and shortly after that had a huge software collection.

Then a mate of mine got an Amiga 500, he's sat there playing Assassin and I am blown away. More so because most of his collection was cracked stuff. The descision was made and I jumped ship to the Amiga at that point due to the strong music capabilities of the machine.

Fast forward and im sat here with bucket loads of stuff, still have every single disk dotted about somewhere. The wife looks at me like a kid that never grew up lol.

Back in the old days I was skint! Did every crap job to get money. Spent nearly all of it on blank disks to copy stuff. You could say I was that Wanker kid in the playground, hawking copies with his mates. This did not stop me buying originals mind! Those that stood out deserved the attention and got my saved up money. Still have those originals btw

Nowadays... well! My son has a PS3 and PS4. Which are Locked down solid, he routinely wants games which demand 40 or 60 a pop! They seem to be a tad crap as well, always demanding expansion packs for some lame update. Im no fan that is for sure. But such is life I guess lol.
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