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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
Loving all the comments on here by idiots who can't be bothered to use Google. Before you call me stupid, maybe get your facts straight. Here's the first hit on Google for those too lazy to do any research before throwing around insults:

I never said musicians don't make money, I said they make a lot less money from music sales than they used to, and these days make most money from live performance. That's a fact, choose to plead ignorance to it again if you please.

Anyway, back on topic. Thanks for the replies, especially from those that were part of the scene. So it looks like most people were in it mainly for the challenge and for a little bit of recognition too, seems there was virtually no money in it. This surprises me because obviously counterfeiting is big business, so I assumed the main motive would have been money. Very interesting.
Son, you need to learn to separate issues before posting. Cracked/pirated disks (and th selling of) is wholly different to counterfeiting, both in substance and law.

Second, the link you posted is simply figures - assertions - with nothing to substantiate they. I recognise a couple, and they are based on a flawed number produced over a decade ago, and since been shown to be rubbish.

Your earlier link, regarding pandora, is wholly unrelated. It is a gripe at a figure a publisher is paying for plays, and nothing to do with sales.

Why do 70s stars seem to earn a lot more than today's stars? Because if your name is Slade you have been getting a big royalty cheque every Xmas since 19seventy-something. CD sales are down for the same reason vinyl sales decreased in the 90s; consumers had moved on from the format.

Would go into FAF more detail if I wasn't on the iPad.

Edit: loving the comment others not being able to use Google, by someone who plainly can't use Google as a research tool himself. Have a look at the piracy rebuttals on TheRegister or ArsTechnica, which comprehensively rip apart the RIA, MPAA, IPFA, Fast, etc piracy 'figures'.

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