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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Dont even bother, PPC emulation in WinUAE already pushes alot of systems to the limit.
You then want to Emulate on top of emutlation. It will suck, I have tried it, just to see what happens. This was on my Quad core PC, which runs OS4.1 classic very fast. My Dual core Laptop, just about runs it half decent. I wouldn't even atempt to run it on that.
Why not? Emulator should JIT very nicely because it mainly just moves data around and does nothing complex, very JITtable. Also PC specs without including CPU generation is mostly useless. (Plain megahertz value would be even more useless today)

Other parts of emulation may be too slow but without scientific tests "don't do it" won't be acceptable in support.WinUAE forum
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