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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Dont even bother, PPC emulation in WinUAE already pushes alot of systems to the limit.
You then want to Emulate on top of emutlation. It will suck, I have tried it, just to see what happens. This was on my Quad core PC, which runs OS4.1 classic very fast. My Dual core Laptop, just about runs it half decent. I wouldn't even atempt to run it on that.
So i understand that quad core I5 4670k @4GHz will not be sufficient for classic games and demos, but will be enough for AmigaOS4 environment itself. For me more important is compatibility and ability to run application (game/demo) than speed. Maybe this will change in the future, who knows? We have Toni and his community PS. I think 30euro/about40usd for AOS4.1 is "must have it" price Thanks!
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