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Amiga Tower

I'm going to build an Amiga A1200 tower system... i'm not going to buy a ready made one, i wanna do this this all myself (it would probably work out cheaper.. hopefully)

i got a couple of questions...

i have a spare A1200 mainboard, is it okay to mount straight into an atx case (rather than sticking the back part of the case and mainboard inside a case)?

i'll think of running backing plate adaptors to the main board, so the actual mainboard will sit slighty back from the back on the case, is this an option...?

where can i buy the parts i need, like the adaptors,external keyboard, atx style power supply...?

once the main work has been done, i will start getting addon's like PPC etc... etc.... which extra bits should i look out for?

if you have any knowledge on this matter please post a reply!!

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