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Done my A4000 install tonight:

Loving the LED, shame you don't see this with the case closed...

Dead easy to install, just clips onto the XS100, can only fit one way due to the Zorro slots. Everything worked first time, no drama. I upgraded my Poseiden 4.4 to 4.5 with the installer and added the new USB device, it came online right away.

I'm in LOVE too <3

Nice speeds >>>>>

Testing next with my internal card reader connected to the internal header (*Note if you use the internal header you cannot use the external ports on the XS100*) No problem for me since I push the A4000 into a corner and they aren't accessible.

Both USB port and card reader worked right away, again no drama. This reader has the 9pin (like motherboard USB header) which is the one you need so check if you're buying a reader for this setup.

Next to go online with the XS100, again no drama here, just copied the device driver to Devs/Networks and used MiamiDX to go online, simples.

A little re-route of the USB cable:

And all back at home:

That's it for now

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