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"Line mode" in "displays" has these options: "Single, double, scanlines. double fields, double fields+". I ... have no idea how to match that to any kind of resolution... The only one that makes any kind of sense is "scanlines" and then only because of overscan in the OCS, which is irrelevant here.

I am getting this kind of unwanted compression:

No matter what I do. Sometimes even worse, with the video compressed to the top left 1/4 of the screen.

Also the sound glitching is not during recording, but during playback. In short: I can't get WinUAE to record a video with proper sound OR video. I just wanted to make a decent video output of my old intro. Don't get me wrong, WinUAE is absolutely AMAZING and I use it a ton. But using it for basic video output is... hard. I can't manage it for even pretty basic stuff.
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