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Video capture

I've found some of the demos/intros I made back in 1989-1992 online, which is a bit awesome (somebody thought it worth uploading them!) and I've watched them in WinUAE. Now, the problem is I want to output a few minutes of them running, with audio, to show some friends, in a modern video format. But I can't make the "output" feature work properly. It screws up aspect ratio compressing them to be half as wide as they should be. Messing around with the settings haven't helped much. And when messing around I have also managed to destroy the sound settings somehow. Sound worked in my early attempts, but is now laggy. The stuff I want to get a video output of isn't all that remarkable (This disc menu which I am still a little bit proud of, mainly: But I can't get a video output with the correct aspect ratio and sound. Can anybody help with what settings are needed and such?
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