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I forgot to specify the SCSI ROM file, and it boots now. Oh well, live and learn

Assuming A590/A2091 SCSI: ROM version? A590/A2091 SCSI ROM v7.0 (16k)
HDF size? 40MB
Partition sizes? 20MB System, 20MB Work
When formatting FFS checkbox was checked? Yes
Kickstart version? KS ROM 1.3 (A3000)(SK) rev 34.5 (256k)

I also set DH0: to bootable.

Also, with my Kickstart, it came straight from the Amiga Forever CD and this is the only 1.3 ROM I could find, possibly for a Slovakia A3000? But I thought that A3000's had Kickstart 2.04, not 1.3. Unless we are talking about earlier models.

I was afraid if I set up the hard drive incorrectly (possibly using an incorrect unit number), it would work to start off with, then give me a "Not a DOS disk in unit 0" error. I had this problem but thomas helped me get through it. So that's why I asked. But it works now, so thanks again!

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