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Originally Posted by Melroc View Post
Maybe your other Amiga has another board revision. I have also tested some sticks now and only SanDisk cruzer sticks worked for me.
Yes, that seemed the most logical explanation, but the thing is, the "incompatible" amiga BURNED the sticks ! They were hot and would not work on a pc anymore, rendering them useless.

The last stick i tried, it just blinked, it didn't burn (i dont know why !) and that's how i thought, well, it can't be, sth is wrong with the Amiga and switched Amigas. Everything worked smoothly on the other Amiga with the same stick that "got away".

I remember i had some floppy issues as well with the first Amiga, had to clean the drive very often and at some times in would de-calibrate, so maybe the computer/floppy portion had issues anyway, just the actual floppy wasn't so picky as the gotek maybe, and it worked most of the time.

The fun part is that the Amiga 500 I have working now is my actual first A500 my dad bought me back in 1987. I replaced the yellowed upper case with a clean one, and the keyboard because the old one wouldn't work and was also very yellowed. Keeped everything else ofcourse, including my first 512k expansion ! The drive was working but had the eject button messed up, but this all a thing of the past with the Gotek now.
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