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I've used OS4.1 in WinUAE on several systems so far. It's very usable, but I wasn't trying to play PowerPC games. I may try them next.

The fastest CPU I've had a chance to use is my desktop AMD FX-8350, which is equivalent to a fast i5, and it works very smoothly on the things I tried.

I just hope that support for better gfx cards becomes available one day. Final Edition should be worth the upgrade.

As someone mentioned earlier, they have a different disc for each supported platform. One of the Hyperion Reps said they didnt' have time to make a single, integrated installer right now. Also, it's probably helped them keep their sales up, as some people rushed to torrent sites to find only one flavor of AmigaOS4.1 online, and it wasn't the one supported by WinUAE.

Last I saw, AmigaKit had finally gotten in CDs for all supported types.
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