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Yes fair points - I must admit I've been so focused on the technical aspects of it that I did not have time to notice that it was lacking a good deal of RPG.

Regarding story - I called the movie "the Equalizer" to be not story driven but mystery driven. I think Grimrock 2 is the same (much like the first) and it works for me. I'm left with a constant wonderment of what the heck this island is about, why the boat was driven to crash there and who in the bloody hell is that cloaked "dungeon master" kind of character that keeps dropping notes for you? On top of that, how is this game ever going to hook back into the story of the first game?

There is much to learn and that willingness to go find out is what makes me want to keep playing this game together with the technical wizardry (captivating how describing the game makes me reference all the legends). I don't need anything told to me, I need things revealed to me. Slowly and surely, that's what the game does - if you pay attention.
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