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Originally Posted by fpmpaolo View Post
First of all, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post but I really DO NEED help.
I changed the kickstart in my A600 with a brand new kickstar 3.1 and when I tried to boot a game from a floppy the floppy blocked loading.
I switched it off, took the game away and restarted A600, but the screen is black. Waited 5 minutes, then disconnected the plug and changed the kickstart again with the old 2.05. Same black screen again.
What could have happened?
Got a pic of how you inserted it?
Dirty contacts on rom socket, had this a few times. Where the legs were bent a certain way that dirty contacts caused booting issues.

Other possability, is leaking caps, but would be strange if the A600 was working perfect before you changed ROM.
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