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I like what Almost Human try to do with feelings, the game feels - like the first one - very much like they loved the games they got inspiration from. There's much that I loved in old games that I get here too. And not obvious things either, but touches.

Still, shortcomings are plenty too, to me.
The character system while has nice perks lacks personality, I don't feel anything for the characters, for instance; plus, it's too much built for what you find in the game, it's mirroring too much the content you get, so that's mechanical.
Items too are generic or totally out of the blue, lacking reason or inegration: not even that I would ask for much lore in the game, or even at all, just a better fit.

The game world is so much dense that exploration is not real, you either get everything there is to find or you feel like you are unequipped to face the challenges ahead.

Finally, this modicum of story there is feels too much a pretext. Better not to have it at all, maybe. I litterally mean maybe, I cannot decide. What I know is that I would appreciate more a story at this point.

It feels also a bit more unfocused than the first one, but even so, I think it's much better than it: combat is so much more interesting and challenging, while the puzzles remained clever and interesting, I admire very much this part of design.

All in all, a very nice past time, but what I see it's more what I miss in it than what there is: it's visually state of art dungeon crawling, state of art game challenge, sufficient gameplay and very poor rpg.

I like it still anyway. Let put it this way, as adventures go, there are ones that have zero percent "feel" and some one hundred percent, not considering any other part of them. LoG 2 is somewhere below middle point, but the rest of it redeems a lot of its value.
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