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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
If all else fails -

pixels or molecules...... arguably they will burn!
Especially if you level up your fire magic to the max.

On-topic: just like the first game had some design-oopses, I'm starting to see a couple in Grimrock 2 too, especially in the new features.

Example: guns. Wicked things, but they tend to get jammed and explode in the face of your entire party (which is also weird - why the entire party?) until you upgrade your guns skill to level 5 which greatly minimizes the chance of that happening. Read: before you use guns, you beeline to guns level 5 or they are basically just a huge joke.

Thus that wicked new "alchemist" class that was added, which is designed to use guns, is pretty much not going to be trained as an actual alchemist for the first hours of the game as you are investing points into a combat skill you're not going to use until it is maxed.

Erm... That doesn't really work well.
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