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Gotek Extension Board - Prototype ready and working perfectly, pics & video

Here's the first prototype of the Gotek extension board. Some of you may have seen the 3D software generated pic I posted last week.

This board interfaces with a Gotek drive and lets you mount the drive inside your case and have full access to the controls from the outside in a suitably retro manner.

I works perfectly, and is really cool to use.

I decided to go with high quality image-change buttons. I'm glad I did now as they are much nicer to use than the cheap and cheerful ones fitted to Gotek drives as standard.

This board is designed to fit inside the A500 and A1200. It mounts inside the A500 with four adhesive mounting posts. The A1200 mounting system is more solid as it uses the same mounting points as the system LEDs (and two adhesive mounting posts).

If anyone is interested I will post some pics showing how the board and the Gotek drive connect together.

I have another nine of these boards that I will be selling from my eBay store (if they sell ok I will have more made).

I was thinking two purchase options:

1. Kit form. The board will have the buttons, USB port, USB patch cable, LEDs and pin headers pre-fitted, the buyer would need to fit the numeric display, and solder Dupont connectors to the Gotek LEDs and buttons. The buyer would need to provide his own Gotek drive.

2. Fully assembled. This would comprise of a fully modded Gotek unit, and a fully assembled extension board. The buyer would just

need to connect it all together and install it inside the case.

I may even sell a complete computer with everything pre-fitted if there was enough interest.

Here are some pics of the A500 installation, and a Youtube video link:

[ Show youtube player ]

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