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Hi all,

Getting back into the A1200 after a 20 year "break". I had to give it up really as UFO Enemy Unknown was interfering with studies, sleep, health etc. I guess however one is never really fully recovered but is just an Amiga user who's not using at the moment, one day at a time, one day at a time....

Anyways have relapsed and entered a new (to me) world of accelerator boards, CF card HDs, internet connections, WHD Loads...woop!

Currently running ClassicWB Lite on an unexpanded A1200 with 4GB CF card, upcoming project a wireless connection (I have an orinoco gold PCMCIA card kicking about) and waiting on the new ACA 1233 accelerator boards coming into stock in the UK....

One quick question, any point in me trying to set up a wireless connection on an unexpanded A1200, or will it be just too slow? Can MiamiDX run on unexpanded RAM?


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