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Originally Posted by amigappc View Post
I wrote comment about this on H.M. wordpress site. Getting angry because someone used files he published publicly is a bit childish. This is something that can be expected on the web.

On the other hand, we do not even know legal aspect of running unofficial firmware on Gotek drives, and trying to charge for that (If author wants to do it).

I deeply respect author for his knowledge and engagement with this firmware. He already has praise of the Amiga community for his work.

I thing best way to earn money form it is to open donation box on Paypal or something.
Also, he can open bounty, which should cover expenses of his work hours he needs to invest in producing next firmware version.

I am sure many of us would donate in this case. But it is up to author to decide. Sadly, lots of Amiga projects are going down because of "money" and "ego" aspect. Just remember Natami which was nearly finished when author gave up without any reason given.

Best regards to all.
I asked him a while ago about the source code for the firmware and selector.
He said he was going to open source it after he cleaned up the code a bit.
This would be great if he did it means people may be able to write ipf support for it.

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