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Akira, I don't look at the C64 scene simply because it holds absolutely no interest for me. Besides, the limits of the old 8 bit hardware on the C64 almost precludes the need for bigger teams of programmers, artists and the like. Nobody is going to see giant 24 bit rendered scenes, flashy lighting effects and hear multi-channel stereo music/sounds on a C64. It's a question of scale (and economics... 'commercial' C64 games? I don't think there's a big market!). The range of skills needed to make a modern game are greater for an Amiga than the C64, 'cos the Amiga has broader capabilities. Therefore more time and money and are needed. And who has enough of those to make it a viable commercial project?

All of the above effects are 'expected' from a modern game. The C64 doesn't compare with an Amiga of any description.
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