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Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
Just hope the production run is enough to supply everyone for a while to come.
I've made quite a few units, hoping that they'll sell one day. Otherwise I would not be able to make this kind of price.

Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
I'm thinking of buying another one for my A600 since this one has aca620, a604 and indy ecs in it. One thing that's holding me back though is that I don't want to cut the case. What would be the best place btw?
Since the A600 is really tiny, you will need to think of what port to sacrifice for USB. Since serial is very rarely used (and not useful without Fitos anyway), I'd vote for that (or "against", respectively): Remove the DB25 from the mainboard of the A600 and install the "double" USB port there. It's about the same width as a DB25. You'll also need to move the big electrolytic cap to a different place, but that's going to be easy while you have the soldering iron on anyway.

Should you have a need for serial at some point, you can always use a USB->serial adapter. Just avoid FTDI, they're the only ones not supported. Others like Prolific or SiLabs work great and you can take advantage of the Fifos in those chips.

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