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Workbench 3.x under Amiga Forever (Windows 8.1)

Hi guys, I'm an old "Amigan" used to have an A500 in the early 90s... been messing around with WinUAE for about 10 years now on and off, but lately I've been trying to work with files on Workbench 3.x and WHDLoad etc

Quick question:

- when I transfer files and folders from Windows 8.1 to "Shared" directory in Amiga Forever they are not visible in Workbench 3.x unless I click "show - all" under icons... apparently this is because they have to be viewed as "pseudo-icons"

is there any work around for this?

Ideally I would like my windows folders to show up natively in workbench 3.x when under the "shared" folder... otherwise is there a way to change the default workbench setting for icons to "show all"

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