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I have written a small script to aid the mounting of FFS formatted CF Cards in the latest WinUAE beta 23. as per this post

You don't need to know the geometry of the drive just click on the CF1-FFs icon and it will mount it for you.

When you want to add a different image, unmount the previous image by clicking on it again and it will dismount it. (It just removes it from the WB, uses a small amount of memory but, not really a problem with WinUAE).

All FFS Images will be mounted to CF1:.

When you add your image to the harddrives panel as PCMCIA IDE, don't forget to enable RDB. (This also applies to some Fat formatted Images)

I used a modified GiggleDisk from Guido Mersmann and GetVolumename from Frank Peters.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that all my images use CF1: as the drive name. Either alter the script to point to a differnent drive name eg. DH0:

EDIT2: New version, adds list of available partitions to load

EDIT 3: Last version, V3, checks for image inserted.

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