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In answer to your first post:

1. People don't crack games, crackers do. By which I mean there's a mindset required to become a good cracker, to "beat the system" or whatever you want to call it.
2. The result is that the game is copy-able. People will copy. Even things that aren't cracked - music has been copied since the 1940s. Often the game is fixed for compatibility and compressed also, sometimes loading faster, benefits over the original game.
3. Copying took place and this helped get the game into the maximum # homes worldwide, a dream come true for the game companies. They didn't get the profit, but they also didn't advertise, get resellers, and distribute maximum # copies of the games worldwide. That's where the "copying kills industries" logic fails, even though on Amiga I'm certain it was bad enough to drive developers and publishers to consoles much more quickly than necessary otherwise.

Today, if you're rich enough, you can just get a team of seasoned lawyers and "allow yourself" to copy stuff, make people pay for the copies, and send a pittance to the publishers. Just look at Steve Jobs' legacy, Itunes and App Store. It was better in the old days.
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