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IFW: which of all those words are you suggesting?

Judder is british for "shudder,wobble" and the "pulldown" term is for displaying NTSC video on PAL devices (so again, the opposite)!
OK, I've been looking for terms. You'd think you'd find this complaint mentioned is Windows gaming communities, but I guess subpar framerate has been accepted there a long time. There's "low fps", but of course that's untrue for the Amiga as it outputs a constant 50.

Frame stutter has been mentioned on game forums. But that has to do with a purely rendering-fps scenario and means framerate going up and down randomly. Here, frame hitch is also mentioned, so that should be avoided.

Jope mentioned doubled frames on IRC. But frame doubling for video means doubling the constant framerate. "Occasionally doubled frames". "Occasional but regularly recurring framerate conversion frame doubling." Just rrrrrrolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Frame stagger, maybe. Or framerate conversion stagger. But that's not quite right either.

I like frame doubling or frame padding best so far because they say what happens.

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