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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Blizkick support is broken since Beta 17. Running Blizkick leads to HALT3 immediately. CPU% display still changes. Ctrl-A-A or F12 + Reset hangs WinUAE.
I had a similar issue I think, before I throwed everything in the recycle bin. Seriously.

I had innumerous problems with BlizKick, ramlib and the CLI window. Even came a day when the filesystem started failing too, and I could not use C:COPY anymore to copy my files to a NTFS directory, because after some files got copied by the command, the CLI process apparently got locked in someway, and the CLI window frame handled by Intuition continued to work normally. I even tried to switch to a background process in the CLI window, without success.

After that, all my other HDF backups began failing too with the same issues.

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