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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Right, so if I get a Radeon (128mb or 256mb?) can I still run the stuff the voodoo runs like Quake, ADoom, warp stuff under OS3.9? Might as well get one now and wait for the release of OS4.1 Final.
There is no Warp3D support for Radeon's under 3.9, so you would need to swap the GFX card like I used (yes a pain in the ass)

But I guarantee you wont stick with 4.1 as your main OS and you will use almost exclusively 3.9, the 4.1 experience is much nicer on Sam/A1, etc.

You'll just use occasionally for a quick click around

Originally Posted by esc View Post
Steve, correct me if I'm wrong, but if he were to get a BVision and run it in tandem with the radeon, he'd be able to use the BVision for OS3.9 and still get the extra RAM from the radeon, and then in OS4.1 he could use the radeon fully, right?
Yes this a work-around, you can in fact use a B/CVision and a PCI GPU, this works with OS4.1 for some reasonand can make a nice dual boot system, I've tested this myself with both A1200 and A4000 however, in the A1200 you have the issue of cooling the BVision which will be behind the PCI Busboard, I ran mine without cooling just for the tests and only for a few minutes!

But still, the Voodoo 3 is the better choice in 3.9, faster 3D and higher resolutions over the BVision.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
So 4.1 FE is not for the classic PPC boards ?
And we are still missing the scsi driver for the public (there were rumours of a working one)?
I think FE is for all, but needs clarification from Hyperion.

I never heard of SCSI driver (assume you mean for BPPC) working on OS4.1 Classic.
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