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Originally Posted by wmsteele View Post
@Jens, apart from raising a PayPal dispute is their any way of contacting you about a missing item?
The eMail address mentioned on the site would be the first thing (shop@...), then you have my personal eMail address from the PayPal transaction, and you might have gotten an eMail from me from jens@icomp - plenty of addresses.

Missing item is very unlikely. There were two people who haven't been successful tracking their shipments, and I found out that my scanner has swallowed a digit of the tracking number. I might need to set that to a slower typing speed.

Please send me an eMail, so we can check what's going on. So far, not a single item has been lost in the mail in all these years, and if that should ever happen, there's two insurances on the parcel: One from the registered mail insurance, and another that covers whatever the postal insurance doesn't cover.

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