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Originally Posted by Torisoft View Post
Thanks to Arnie,

Seems like your Rom files are different from mine, or are they!? (the SCSCI BOOT selection panel under ROMS section does not work for me at all, but with your config it is active and shows a Rom name!!). I set the machine exactly like you do, but the box refuses to get enabled! What is the problem? Perhaps my version of UAE differs? Also, you have used a "KS ROM v1.3 (A3000)(SK) rev 34.5 (256k)", why is that? Is the standard 1.3 not enough?

I have these files: "A2091O14.BIN", "a2091PDMA-07.U12" and "a2091PDMA-07.U13".
Please let me know if the files are sufficient or if I need to find better Roms. Could you let me know where to download them (if I need to)?

Thanks a million.
All the rom files that I used are from AmigaForever.
I used WinUAE 2.8.1 (2014.06.18).
The A3000 1.3 rom is equivalent to a standard 1.3 rom.
If by "box" you mean the A590/A2091 SCSI Rom File box, then you need to tick the A590/A2091 box in the Expansions panel to enable it.

Not sure about the A2091 rom but you will only be able to use the A2091014.bin file as the others are high/low files meant for 2 rom sockets.
EDIT: If the A2091O14.BIN file doesn't work try renaming it to A2091O14.rom, or if it's not 16kb then you need to use the 2 other files to make a 16kb rom (copy /b a2091PDMA-07.U12+a2091PDMA-07.U13 a2091PDMA-07.rom) If that doesn't work then I would try different roms.

EDIT: Copy both u12 + u13 to the roms dir and they should work. I just tried them and they work for me.

The reason I posted my config is to give people a starting point from a working config. Just alter the file paths, hd, roms etc to suit your paths.

Also if you are starting out with a new HDF then you will need to prep and format the new HD. I use the A590 Install disk v1.7 for this. The prep tool doesn't work but you can use HDToolbox to get the drive definitions and partition the HD. Reboot and then use the format tool to set the HD up.

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