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Suppliers reasons for supplying were as varied as crackers reasons for cracking - recognition/ego, money (be it hard cash, modems, calling cards to avoid big phonebills etc - things that had a monetary value).
Some had no connection with "the scene" whatsoever, and just gave the games they got (from a distributor, or a shop, or a magazine, etc.) to a friend who gave them every game they could ever want in return - this friend would then be the one you see credited in the crack intro

Money is a touchier subject, but I'm sure you can work out that if you had access to calling cards (hacked) and free hardware (card fraud), generating money wasn't very difficult - also selling leech accounts on BBSes generated cash, as well as BBS sysops who paid to be in the group (and have their board advertised in intros, and traders from the group to upload all the latest games to them - they in turn probably sold leech accounts!).

Another common self-fulfilling way of paying for originals was to have someone in the Middle-East (Kuwait, UAE were common) pay for the games, warp them/send them to the cracker and then send the boxed original to the buyer who could then sell his 0-day imported original boxed game for a huge mark-up before anyone else in his country had a copy.

At one point in early 1990, after a night where several beers were consumed, one of the leaders of a well-known cracking group declared he would get the next round for everyone because he was taking £200/month from the group account and there was so much money no-one even noticed...this might let you know how easily groups generated income!

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