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Thanks to Arnie,

Seems like your Rom files are different from mine, or are they!? (the SCSCI BOOT selection panel under ROMS section does not work for me at all, but with your config it is active and shows a Rom name!!). I set the machine exactly like you do, but the box refuses to get enabled! What is the problem? Perhaps my version of UAE differs? Also, you have used a "KS ROM v1.3 (A3000)(SK) rev 34.5 (256k)", why is that? Is the standard 1.3 not enough?

I have these files: "A2091O14.BIN", "a2091PDMA-07.U12" and "a2091PDMA-07.U13".
Please let me know if the files are sufficient or if I need to find better Roms. Could you let me know where to download them (if I need to)?

Thanks a million.
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