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My card arrived today. I like how Jens now has cardboard mailing boxes similar to Amazon. Anyway, connected it to the x-surf, installed Poseidon, and everything started working straight out of the box, very impressed. I never used usb on Amiga so I had no idea of what to expect or how it would work, but everything was very easy. All Usb drives work exceedingly well, massively faster than the internal IDE. I tried plugging random Usb devices for fun, if nothing else, to enjoy reading the funny logs Poseidon produces. A cheap Logitech wireless mouse worked out of the box. Apple devices don't seem to be generally compatible. An apple usb keyboard does not work, but its hub does. An iPad is detected as a gazillion different devices, and its storage mounted. But when attempting to open the iPad storage drive, the Amiga crashes.

Anyway, will do more testing in the coming days...
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