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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Oh dear. Then why would you need an Amiga? It will be a PC then by attempting to make all gaming a 3D experience.. <yawn> Why does *everything* have to be 3D? Jeezus!
Everything doesn't "have to be" 3D at all. I don't know what you have against 3D games Twist. Personally I love both 3D and 2D games. I think the best console at the moment is the GBA which is a 2D machine. Remember there has been loads of "classic" Amiga 3D games. 3D isn't just for the PC geeks. Anyway when I refered to "new generation" 3D Amiga games, I was talking about the AmigaOne. If it wants to be any sort of success in the games market then they will need to be 3D as that's what the "general consumers" want. I've been in games shops loads of times and overheard (mainly kids) picking up a 2D game and going... oh look at the shit game, the graphics are crap.. etc. All I was saying was it would be nice to see the classics given a new lease of life on the new platform.

Most of the Amiga's best action games have never been able to be successfully done on the PC for reasons which I'll not delve into (all this thread needs is the PeeCee zealots of the board to start flaming yet again over how the PC can do anything and everything!)
These PC is better than Amiga arguments got boring 10 years ago. So if I see that boring crap on EAB I just ignore it.

My apologies to sylvio k. if my negative comments about the screenshots were taken offensively. I didn't take the Alpha stage into consideration.
Same here. I also wasn't aware the screenshots were only alpha screenshots. Which anwers this from Burseg:

Either support your own comments longer than 24 hours or don't make them the way they are.


We really need to calm down here and keep it civil. This is a discussion board and we should respect each other.

Here here!

It's a subject that shouldn't really start flame wars. I bet if we were all discussing this face to face it wouldn't end up in a punch up. It would be a good healthy debate. Oh well, that's the limits of these forums. I hope Burseg and the others who have left EAB return one day. Peace guys.
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