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I wondered why my ears were burning

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The best person I ever met through Micro Mart was a guy called Mick Hayes (Ayzi) from Nelson. He was a coder for a demo group called Impulse, I dunno if they ever did anything other than put cool menu's on other people's filed demo's but at the time I found it fascinating.

Anyhow he took this kid (who travelled miles and miles each weekend with his dad) under his wing and showed me coding, shared his sizable collection of WaReZ disks and gave me his entire collection of back issues of Amiga Format, which I still have!

I wonder if anyone else remembers Impulse in UK? I never was able to find any of their disks online, or any mention of them.

I think they changed their name to EquinoX (or everyone jumped ship) because half way through my letters (yeah, sad but I kept them all, mainly long lists of 68k asm) their stationary (which was very professional) changed to Equinox (although I guess not the famous european Equinox?), and I also got letters from a guy called "Son" (Chinese?) in Kent who was also a member of this group...
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