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I agree wholeheartedly with what Galahad said but for me it was the challenge of the crack way before I even joined the scene. I started learning to crack (on the Amiga at least) pretty soon after i got my A500 in 1990 - but i didn't join the scene till around 1993.

Cracking for me is like a puzzle, say a crossword or a sudoku. Following all the clues until you can fill in the blanks and end up with a fully completed cracked game. I guess it was the fact that someone else had set you a challenge and understanding how it all worked resulted in a big sense of achievement.

Quite often I already had a working copy of the game I was cracking (either having purchased the original or a cyclone copy of a friends original) so there was little actual benefit to myself in cracking the game other than the achievement of actually doing so.

Later on when i got a modem and joined the scene I got to experience all the stuff that Galahad mentioned but by then i think the Amiga was starting to slow down.

I still enjoy the buzz of doing Amiga cracks to this day even though the competitive aspect is long gone.
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