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Originally Posted by Vesko View Post
I'm glad to hear that. So it seems that ACA500 would be a better option that the old HDD controllers? Is it possible to disable the CF card and/or the extra memory if a game requires it?
Yes, there is a jumper on the ACA500 that disables it - I have a switch hooked up to this to easily disable it if I'm booting from a floppy. However, the 14MHz 68000 is still active - the only way to disable this is to physically unplug the ACA500 from the side connector. I haven't run into any games/demos that have a problem with this though.

What is your goal with your A500? Keep in mind that if you want to use WHDLoad, the 2MB on the ACA500 is not enough for the majority of slaves.
If you buy an A1200 accelerator to install in the ACA500, there is a hit to chipset bandwidth. Even with the faster processor and extra RAM, many games, demos and WHDLoad slaves are actually slower. It depends how hard the particular game/demo hits the chipset, some are affected more than others. I have seen this with both a 25MHz and a 40MHz ACA1232, although the effect is MUCH more noticable with the 25MHz model.
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